Tech Portal: EVS

Tech Portal: EVS


Joseph Bischof
Joseph Bischof

Sales Manager



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Video playlist includes:

  • SVG College Summit (SVG Virtual Series): An Interview with EVS’ James Stellpflug (15:42)
  • SVG At-Home Production (SVG Virtual Series): EVS – Live Production Anywhere (1:42)
  • When VAR Meets AI 2019 (2:00)
  • XT-VIA Product Explainer (1:34)
  • Overcam AI Driven Camera Control (2:01)


Lean Production-Virtual Demo of X-ONE

With the X-One unified live production system, one or two operators can perform the entire live programming of a show from just a set of intuitive touchscreens.

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IP-based live replay and highlights solution. Streamline your live slow motion replay and highlights operations by offering more usability, flexibility, speed, and control with LSM-VIA.

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